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The TWO59 is an accurate recreation in EURORACK format of the VCO/LFO section of the most sought after vintage west coast complex oscillator.

Because of the triangle core, the VCO works very well for FM modulation.

KIT2: 2 x PCBs + Front Panel

+ 2 x PN3565 (matched)
+ 2N5457 preselected for correct sine shape (limited stock)
+ 2 resistors preselected for correct sine shape
+ 8 x Minijack sockets, 5 x 9mm pots (10KB, 20KB, 50KA)
+ 4 x Cream Knobs 1900h type, 1x Big Cream Knob 1510 type
+ 1x14 way header MALE, 1x14 way header FEMALE

For more details and forum visit :

VCO DIY - Muffwiggler


TWO59 Discussions - Muffwiggler


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