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We are happy to announce you that MIX KM and MIX CR is in production phase.
The preorder ended and thank you for your participation in making these modules possible.
From now on we estimate 4 months till shipping the preordered units, these 4 months is dictated by the time needed by pots and knobs manufacturer to fill our request.
If parts will arrive sooner we will try to deliver them faster.

As probably many of you know the MIX CR (like our PRE CR channel strip) is based on a famous late eighties small mixer used mostly for the well known TB303 distortion sound.

Tech specs:
- 35HP front panel
- 35mm depth behind front panel including the power connector
- 6 mono input jacks ( 1 per channel)
- Pot controls for channels : Gain, Hi, Low, Aux1 send, Aux2 send, Pan, Volume
- 6 mute switches (1 per channel)
- Pot controls for master : Master Level, Headphone Level, Aux1 Return, Aux2 Return
- 2 x mono aux send jacks
- 4 mono input jacks for two stereo Aux returns
- 2 jacks for master left and right out
- one 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone out
- boxed 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)

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