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We have parts for 5 more.
After delivering the last Choruses we discovered we have parts for 5 more units.
We've updated the stock site, look at discontinued units page and purchase them from there.
They can be delivered in 3 weeks, we have other orders in line to deliver.

Thank you.


We are discontinuing the 106Chorus. The rare parts became very hard to obtain.

The 106CHORUS is an accurate recreation in EURORACK format of one of the most sought after choruses, the one from a famous analog polysynth from the eighties.

Tech specs:

-width 6HP
-49mm depth
-mono analog input
-input level pot for optimal signal
-stereo analog output (L + R)
-bypass switch (ON / BYPASS)
-chorus mode switch (MODE1 / MODE2)
-standard 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)
-power consumption +12V 24mA , -12V 24mA

The BBD Chips are XVIVE MN3009.

▼Download - Calibration

For more details and forum visit :

106 Module - Muff wiggler


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